“M. L. Liebler’s Heaven was Detroit is a fascinating compendium of thought on the dazzlingly complex music of the Motor City.”
David Ritz, Grammy Award winner, the only four-time winner of the Gleason Music Book Award, and author of Before You Judge Me: An Idiosyncratic Look at Michael Jackson

“A ridiculously extensive genre-spanning overview of Detroit’s contributions to music, featuring a chorus of authentic, distinct voices — there’s something here for generalists and geeks alike. An essential addition to every music library!”
Michael T. Fournier, author of Double Nickels On the Dime and Swing State

“It seems there are certain places – my home town of Liverpool is one and Detroit is definitely another – that can’t so much as cough without producing music that awakens the world. You’d think giving birth to Motown would be enough for one city, but Detroit’s story didn’t start there and it sure as hell didn’t stop there. Now, thanks to M. L. Liebler’s eloquent army of advocates, we can see a little deeper into this resilient city’s soul. This epic book is everything Detroit deserves.”
Paul Du Noyer, founding editor of MOJO: The Music Magazine and author of Conversations with McCartney

“An incredible book. Comprehensive, panoramic, and makes a case for Detroit being the greatest music city in the US. Which it isn’t. And that’s how good this book truly is, raising the point —why isn’t there a book like this for EVERY city in the US?”
Steve Wynn, singer/songwriter/guitarist of the Dream Syndicate

“M.L. Liebler’s shares his deep insights and passion for Detroit culture in this new anthology that assembles the A-list of music historians and storytellers from the one of the world’s great musical cities. It will help shine the international spotlight on Detroit’s valuable role in shaping some of the most significant music styles of the 20th and 21st centuries from Jazz and Blues to R&B, Rock, Rap and Techno.”
Judy Adams, musician, composer, musicologist, and WDET program director and prime time host for over 30 years


Interview with editor M. L. Liebler on WRIF Nightcall — October 16, 2016